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Paphos is on the coast in South East Cyprus, a prime location for holidaymakers due to its proximity not only to Paphos International Airport, but because of its many attractions. As I mentioned in the Introduction, Paphos has many attractions from a great wide promenade full of tourist shops, cafes, bars and restaurants, to ancient ruins from the many different cultures that have been in control of Cyprus through the ages.


One of the attractions of Paphos is its proximity to other areas of interest, and great beaches just a few miles away, although there are steps down to the sea from the promenade, and you can often see people swimming offshore. There is no actual sand at this location though, although there are great beaches not far away.

Paphos is a city where the old and the new are side by side. You can shop at Debenhams or Marks and Spencer, or in traditional Cypriot supermarkets, or the local markets. For those out for a bargain, there are easy to reach Car Boot sales in a number of places, and the streets, (especially in the old parts of the city which are up a steep hill), are lined with every type of shop imaginable.

For me, the Tomb of the Kings Road is the place to be, and most of my favourite restaurants are on that road, or side roads, with almost all of them in walking distance of each other. You can also find on the Tomb of the Kings Road, many car rental places, and you can also hire motorbikes, motor scooters and quad bikes which are a favourite with tourists. If you fancy hiring a bicycle, that option is available too. Hotels on or near the Tomb of the Kings Road are very popular.

At the corner of the Tomb of the Kings Road is the Kings Avenue Mall, where you can find everything from very expensive boutique shops selling exclusive designer goods, to mobile phone and computer shops, and inexpensive supermarkets. There are also many places to eat on the upper level where you can choose inside or outside tables, and you will see many restaurants that belong to chains popular in the UK. Almost everyone working in the shops in the mall can speak multiple languages, and the shop signs are all in English. There is a Debenhams clothes store, and also a Holland and Barrett for health products.


Talking about health products, if you run out of a prescription you are taking in Cyprus, you will find that many pharmacies (although not all) will supply your needs without a prescription, so there is usually no need to visit a doctor for a prescription unless you are taking a high level illegal-drug-substitute. You will also be happy to know that there is always at least one 24hr pharmacy open in Paphos and the other major Cyprus cities. There is a phone number on most pharmacy doors that provides a number to call to find out where to find a 24hr pharmacy.

In the event of a medical emergency or any other emergency you can call 112 to reach all emergency services. The operator will speak English.


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